Can Plagiocephaly be Remedied?

Plagiocephaly is a disorder identified by the disproportional contortion of the skull. The distortion of the skull is normally seen on either the left or right portion of the head. Frequently afflicting newborns, practically one in two newborns of today (47%) can have predicaments with plagiocephaly and pediatricians usually urge that one of ten infants have to get treatment as early as feasible. Just about of the time, plagiocephaly is indicated by a flat spot on the rear or side of the cranium. This is almost nothing to be astonished though because plagiocephaly can be relieved and no, it will never cause hurt to the baby’s cerebrum or its growth.

The Cause and Treatment Options

What causes plagiocephaly? A lot of factors can definitely affect the baby’s head growth. A baby’s skull is still pliable during the course of the early years and you will need to take good care of him/her particularly when sleeping or when riding inside a van. The minute a baby bend on to just one edge when sleeping or lazing down for a prolonged time, that may incredibly well influence his/her skull’s advancement, thus causing plagiocephaly. There many corrective gadgets that the baby can slip on so as to mold the baby’s skullcap back to its cylindrical form. You can speak with your pediatrician about it and also talk to for suggestions about the solution technique.

The treatment do not often involve surgery. But there are some cases where surgery is required, especially if the baby is a bit older already for the corrective headgear. Consult with your pediatrician for advice.

What Parents Should Do

Parents are typically alarmed of the thought that something bad may take place with the baby’s health. So it’s only natural that when faced with plagiocephaly, they become shocked for the growth of their baby’s brain development. They fear that their youngster may have mental retardation due to the baby’s distorted head. Once faced with plagiocephaly, mom or dads really should remain calm. The dilemma can be corrected but if left untreated, the condition of the baby’s head may remain flat on one side permanently.

Remember, your child’s brain development is still normal. Continue to shower your baby with love and care while the treatment procedure is ongoing.