Best Diet Elements During the Prenatal Period

If you are pregnant then you might have a special feeling, especially if you are going to become a parent for the first time. You have to be careful as well as you are enjoying your time. You have to be careful with whatever you are eating during the pregnancy period. If you are already eating a healthy and balanced diet, then you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise, you have to be more careful in choosing a good and healthy diet for yourself.

Food plays an important role in maintaining your health and the baby. There are certain food elements that decrease the odds of any issues. Try to make the following elements an essential part of your diet to go through this prenatal period safely.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is one of the most important elements required during pregnancy, as it helps in the neurological growth of your unborn baby. Its shortage can cause a number of different complications at the time of delivery. Folic acid is present in citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, beans, and cereals.


Magnesium is required for a number of things. It helps in the development of the tissues and bones of the mother-to-be and prevents the delivery before the right time. If Magnesium is not present in an adequate amount, it may cause different kidney problems. Spinach, whole wheat, broccoli, cereals, grains, and soybeans are a good source of Magnesium.


Vitamin A is good for the health of the eye. It is required in pregnancy to enhance the development of eyes, hands, ears, and membranes. It helps the mother-to-be by repairing the damaged tissue that is affected during delivery.

Vitamin B6 is helpful against nausea during the first trimester of your pregnancy. It also helps in metabolizing protein, production of blood cells, and antibodies in the body. It is also essential for the growth of the brain, and the nervous system of your baby. Avocado, potato, watermelon, wheat, beef are good sources of Vitamin b6.


Iron is not only important for the production of blood in the body, but it also helps in the formation of DNA that is important for the development of the immune system. Red meat is rich in iron. Chicken, whole wheat, beans, fortified cereals, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin also contain a good amount of iron.

Food to Avoid During Pregnancy

Additionally, there are certain food elements you should avoid during the prenatal period.

  • Avoid undercooked, raw or high mercury fish.
  • Undercooked, processed or raw or organ meat is also not available for you.
  • Cut the intake or reduce at minimum possible of caffeine. Obviously, no alcohol.
  • Avoid processed foods, raw eggs and raw sprouts.


Always make sure that if you have a doubt regarding anything, make it clear by asking your doctor. Don’t try anything new without asking your healthcare provider as it might be dangerous according to your condition.